School has started and with that, my schedule has gotten crazy. Not really an excuse not to post, but it is my reason why. But in these last 2 weeks many good things have happened….

– Near the end of summer I began working with a student who was resistant to writing or doing homework last school year. Friday we sat down and made a plan for his weekly homework packet. He was so excited to get it done, that he completed it last night and turned it in to his teacher today. Mom reports that he didn’t even ask for help on the writing part but just persevered through it on his own without a single complaint!

– The student who completed her summer homework before school started, was ready to turn in when it was collected yesterday. Still “very few” others turned it in according to her and her teacher’s did recognize that she did her part.

– IEP meeting date set for a student whose school admitted the IEP was inadequate and they weren’t even following it last year.

– I set my schedule for classes this fall and will be officially graduating BEFORE Christmas!

– An adult student who some said would never learn her numbers was reading numbers from 1-50.

– A new student is getting comfortable with the remediation program and is already making progress.

– First tests are already being taken and the resounding sound of “I got an A” is ringing in my ears.

Share your good experiences these last few weeks as we all want to congratulate your child on their accomplishments!