out of the box learners at Bolder PathwayWe understand there is no single way to educate our out-of-the-box learners  That’s why our program is tailored to your child’s individual needs, pulling from a variety of methodologies and tools to find the perfect fit. With only four students per virtual classroom, your child is guaranteed to have 1:1 lesson time with his or her teachers throughout the school day.


This offers the best of both worlds; enough structure to ensure a solid, standards-based education, and the flexibility to deliver it in a way your child learns best.  Since we focus on classroom learning time, we have a no-homework policy, allowing you child to relax and enjoy their time outside the virtual classroom.

“…This school is a rare, remarkable educational setting that truly allows students to learn and succeed at their own level and pace…”


Our staff is trained and experienced at working with all types of students with all kinds of needs.  We provide a flexible virtual classroom environment with knowledge and application driving student progress rather than seat time.  This means that your child will progress at their own pace in each academic area independently of their age or grade level. You can look at our school calendar here.


We offer a year-round school model rather than the traditional 12 week summer break because research has shown that the average student loses 1 month of learning during this long break. Since we customize all of your child’s education, there is no need to worry about missing a day of school because your child won’t fall behind.


We believe that all children are gifted in some area and therefore meet the individual needs of all students, whether they are diagnosed or not.  We have worked with students labeled twice exceptional, general learning disability, Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, Dyscalculia,  ADD and ADHD, language, sensory and auditory processing disorder, anxiety, Autism, Aspergers, PDDNOS, Bi-Polar, Executive Function, ODD, social and emotional disorders, and more.  We are ready and able to tailor your child’s educational experience to enhance their learning from a strength based mindset.


Being virtual means we can serve even MORE families, no matter where you live.  We can accommodate your time zone and even your schedule to make school work for your child AND YOU!

“”This school provides highly individualized learning in a warm, supportive environment. They have met the needs of our child when no other school could.”


    • Standards- and research-based curriculum and instruction
    • Customized curriculum for each child
    • Class sizes of 4-6 students
    • Year-round schedule with optional learning weeks each 3-5 weeks


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