We go beyond one-size-fits all, cookie-cutter education to bring your child a truly customized learning experience — one that honors who they are and how they learn best.


Personal instruction and customized curriculum for each student


Just 4-6 students per class


A holistic and inclusive educational model


Year-round programming for consistent learning


Placement and advancement based on knowledge and application




Why we’re here, what we do and why we do it.


Student-centered, standards-based curriculum & programming.


A tight-knit group that celebrates diversity.


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“You need to look at this school!! Our fourteen year old son has been attending Bolder Pathway School since July, 2016 and has been thriving. His learning challenges are being thoroughly supported through the school’s individualized teaching model, loving teachers, year round schedule, small class sizes, no homework policy and encouraging environment. Michelle and Sean provide ongoing support for their students and families by promoting communication while making it a priority to learn about each student and what supports they need to progress in their learning. This school is a rare, remarkable educational setting that truly allows students to learn and succeed at their own level and pace. We are so grateful to Bolder Pathway School for their heartfelt commitment to making learning successful for all of their students!!”
“The faculty has taken the time to understand how my son learns; and they have created strategies to promote his learning to meet his individual needs.
“Our son has thrived since changing from a public school to Bolder Pathway. He struggled both academically and emotionally in the public school. He know has an increased knowledge, confidence, friendship, social skills, and self-worth. We, as his family, have seen a dynamic change in his self-esteem and confidence that comes with understanding and learning. More than that, others that rarely see him unexpectedly compliment on how he has matured and the way that he now carries himself. The decision to change from a public school to a private one that has financially change our lives was not easy, but having seen the benefits of this school, we would not change nor regret our decision.”
“Bolder Pathway School has been life-changing for my daughter who has a significant language-based disability. I am so grateful we found this little school. My daughter was not making progress in the public school’s inclusive classrooms. Now, at Bolder Pathway School, she is making great progress in every subject. In fact, her math, reading, and writing skills have all improved by several grades. Why the difference? At Bolder Pathway School, the classes are very small, only 4-6 students. Her teachers know her well and provide individualized instruction designed to meet her needs, level and learning pace. She is given adapted materials when needed. Her teachers even make audio recordings of her textbooks so she can read along. The school environment is kind, caring and respectful. All learning takes place at school, freeing up time for participation in after-school activities. With her new self-confidence, my daughter plays in the marching band and indoor percussion at our public high school. She has exceeded everyone’s expectations and then some. Because of Bolder Pathway School, she is on a path to graduate from high school and her future is bright. I don’t know of any middle school or high school in our area that would have met her academic needs as well as Bolder Pathway School.”
“This school is amazing! Bolder Pathway was a lifesaver for my son, who went from hating school to succeeding both academically and socially. For the first time, he feels like he belongs. This is a school with heart. The leadership and staff truly care about the kids and their families and will do what it takes to help them succeed. They are incredibly flexible and will go the extra mile to coordinate with not only parents, but outside providers as well. They know their stuff too, and are a wealth of knowledge on different strategies and methodologies. I would highly recommend it to anyone with a child who is struggling in their current environment. There is a better way.”
“Bolder Pathway School is the only school we’ve found that works for our son. They understand how he learns and individualize his curriculum to optimize his learning. They really care about every student and are invested in each student’s success. Michelle and Sean are passionate about teaching and supporting all of their unique students. Our son loves going to school now. We feel very fortunate to have found this hidden gem!”


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